Little Known Causes of Hypothyroidism..


Do YOU Suffer from ONE of the Little Known Causes Of Hypothyroidism which Wreaks Havoc on your Life?


Who knew there was information practitioners
didn’t know?

Apart from the traditional causes of hypothyroidism here are a few that are not well known.

These include – Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, Heavy Metal toxicity, Oestrogen dominance and Reverse T3.
Something I discovered while searching for answers is that the many of the people who read their list of symptoms … pretty much can tick most of the boxes. And so they go off to their doctor – have a couple of blood tests (looking for answers) — only to be told “Your Thyroid Function is completely NORMAL”.

Has this happened to you?

If this has happened to you, I bet you felt gutted … and wondered what was going on!

Here’s the thing … most doctors don’t do all the tests available to make an informed diagnosis. To accurately diagnose hypothyroidism there are 7 tests that need to be done.

Not only do these accurately diagnose your condition … but they pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms, so that they can be reversed with proper treatment.

I Found the Answers

As mentioned above there are many other causes that most doctors aren’t aware of or skilled to diagnose – this is where a skilled doctor in hypothyroidism can work out exactly what is happening and treat the main cause, not just send you on your way without answers.


Now, I don’t know if I said this before but I have been researching into why so many people are suffering so much fatigue and depression…I think I found the answer.

 Thyroid Abuse !

Our THYROID is being abused and innocently being slowed down. What we eat and drink can inadvertently have disastrous effects on our thyroid – even our environment we live in can affect the thyroid!

 Thousands have found the Secret!

Thousands of people have also found this secret which provides a HOLISTIC approach to fixing hypothyroidism and also eliminates all the other issues that occur. If your diet is leading to hypothyroidism and these foods are leading to hormonal imbalances, then you can heal it and provide your cells with everything that will allow you to produce a lot more energy. This program will help to eliminate the many years of damage that is preventing you from leading and happy and also a healthy lifestyle.


The program I found is called The Hypothyroidism Solution by Tom Brimeyer a Functional Medicine Practioner

Hypothyroidism Revolution Package

Here is an outline of the program and how it can benefit YOU in finding answers no one else can provide!

Phase 1:

During this phase of Hypothyroidism Revolution the results will start to show as soon as you notice your health improving. The first transition towards the thyroid healing diet will assist your cells in producing more energy for you. At the end of this phase your energy levels will begin to rise and you will begin feeling healthier with no food cravings anymore.

You will have total control again as you mood begins to improve and all the signs of anxiety and depression tend to go away. Everyone will notice the changes whether they are inside or out. Even your skin will start to glow and you hair and nails will start appearing healthy once again.

As you start the thyroid healing diet you will totally remove the foods that tend to disrupt your hormones and upset your digestive system, also at the same time you will start to add the right combination of nutrients that will provide you with sufficient energy.

Phase 2:

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program works to accelerate your results to a new level. This part of the phase will help you feel revitalized all over again.

The three nutrients that will help you improve your hormonal cycles are that you will be sleeping better, your will always feel refreshed, and also notice a great boost in energy all day long. You will notice instantly that your thyroid will heal as you go through this process.


As you start to transition into the healing diet using the provided recipes and also meal plans you will instantly learn to control your diet and will feel great again.


At the end of the second phase you will notice that you have even reversed signs of aging that will help you look ten to twenty years younger and will start to add more years to your life.


Phase 3:

During this phase you will become a new person and will begin to build upon the foundation that you have just created. You will have to start implementing some changes in your diet that will allow you to protect your overall health for a lifetime.


What you should try to do is incorporate the proper lifestyle factors such as proper exercise that will help to boost your thyroid. The best part is that you will be able rethink the major transformation that you have gone through and will be able to celebrate that you will never have to deal with these kinds of problems all over again.


Success Stories

There are many individuals that have revealed their success stories from this program through their emails once they put the Hyperthyroidism Revolution Program to the test.

Check out some of real life emails received that followed the program designed by Tom -

Testimonial One

Testimonial Two


Most of the individuals that have tried it out are quite thankful because it has really helped to heal their thyroid issues by using an unconventional approach that you will not find anywhere else.

There are thousands of individuals that have naturally overcome hypothyroidism and other hormonal imbalances that are responsible for other issues such as depression, fatigue, cancer, obesity, and also anxiety.

The program will aid individuals to take control of their
health and achieve a sense of well-being
by correcting their health problems without
having to rely on harmful medications
and other drugs that doctors may prescribe.

Hyperthyroidism Revolution Programs will help you get the right answers and solutions to your health problems and not constantly have to worry about running around trying to get answers on how to fix this problem. It will help you get real solutions to your health troubles and provide you with better treatment options so that you can live a happier, healthier, and brighter future in which you will not have to deal with hypothyroidism.


Hypothyroidism Revolution Package

If we want to put an end to this disease rising on a yearly basis, then we should stand up and try to find the right answers to this solution.



The Perfect Diet for Hypothyroidism

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism? If your thyroid gland tends to produce exceedingly low amounts of thyroid hormones, then you have to make certain changes in your diet to improve the function of your thyroid overall.

You might not know this yet, but there are various foods out there that can control hypothyroidism symptoms. They can do this because they have essential trace minerals in them that can stimulate your thyroid gland and convince it to produce more of the thyroid hormones that your body needs in order to work properly.

A diet for hypothyroidism generally has to include several important foods and nutrients, and avoid others. Here are the foods that are vital for your body if you want to be able to control the symptoms of your hypothyroidism:

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Hypothyroidism Natural Treatment

How to Cure Your Disease the Natural Way

Despite the fact that hypothyroidism natural treatment options may bombard you from every angle nowadays, you might be wondering if there are any safer alternatives out there that can help you cure your disease the natural way. Well, the truth is that most medical ailments have safer natural alternatives to them, and that includes hypothyroidism.

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What are the Different Symptoms of Low Thyroid?

Hypothyroidism Solution

Millions of people the world over suffer from hypothyroidism, or low thyroid. This common problem basically occurs when a person’s thyroid glands are no longer able to produce the necessary hormones that the body needs for it to function properly.

In these cases, the lack of hormones makes the body’s natural processes slow down, as well, and this includes the body’s metabolism, in turn contributing to faster weight gain in the people involved.

Studies show that hypothyroidism is much more common in people older than fifty than in people of younger ages. This makes perfect sense since hypothyroidism is also know to build up a person’s cholesterol levels and make them more susceptible to diabetes and various heart diseases. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that younger people should ignore the different ways to avoid it altogether.

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Thyroid Symptoms in Women

How to Detect Thyroid Symptoms in Women

While 1 out of 7 people are known to suffer from some kind of thyroid problem, thyroid symptoms in women are generally much more common compared to thyroid symptoms in men. However, while millions of women the world over have thyroid problems, most of them aren’t actually aware of the fact that their symptoms are related to their thyroid glands to begin with.

The Importance of the Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is one of the bigger endocrine glands in the body. It can be found in the front of the neck and is known to have various important functions. For starters, it can control the sensitivity of the body to other hormones. Second of all, it can control a person’s metabolism and how fast the body consumes energy, in general. It also controls the growth and maturation of tissues in the body.

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What is the Best Treatment for Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroid Solution


In a nutshell, hypothyroidism is a condition, wherein the thyroid hormones connected to weight gain, depression, insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, dry hair, dry skin, and constipation aren’t produced in a sufficient amount. If you are currently looking for an effective treatment for hypothyroidism, then here are several ideas to help you out.
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